tsundokuThere is a Japanese word called tsundoku. There is no equivalent English word, but in 6 words it means “buying books and not reading them”.

I guess tsundoku could have an eTsundoku variant describing buying software tools and not using them and that could also include data quality tools as told in the post The Worst Best Sale.

My own example isn’t the only one I’m sure. What may be the reasons for buying data quality tools, but not using them? A few suggestions:

  • Organizational changes after ordering (as in my example)
  • Focus has changed before receiving the delivery
  • The tool was never meant to be used as the buy was merely a sign of showing interest in data quality
  • The data quality tool came free (or hidden) as a part of a larger software suite
  • Data quality tools doesn’t solve anything anyway (not my favorite though, as told in the post The Role of Technology in Data Quality Management)

More suggestions?

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2 thoughts on “Tsundoku

  1. Axel Troike 9th January 2014 / 15:34


    I suggest to add to your list:
    – No “political” support (not a strategic goal) outside of the interested department
    – Conflict with other acquisitions (data quality products)
    – Failure of at least one of the other 3 mandatory prerequisites (People, Process, Culture)

    • Henrik Liliendahl Sørensen 11th January 2014 / 09:58

      Thanks Axel. Good ones.

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