Become a Product Data Lake Commissioner

If you are a Master Data Management (MDM) and/or  a Product Information Management (PIM) platform vendor or a provider of professional services within these disciplines, then future demands will require you to have an agile and non biased offering for business ecosystems. Joining Product Data Lake will bring you there.

As a Product Data Lake commissioner, you, as a legal entity being a product information management tool or service provider, will be strongly involved in the formation of Product Data Lake.

Commissioner is an extension of the Ambassador role.

As a Product Data Lake commissioner, you will:

  • Prepay a minimum amount equivalent to 25,000 EUR.
  • Have the right to sell yearly subscriptions on Product Data Lake worth the prepaid amount and collect the full yearly subscription year by year.
  • Have a representative seat in the Product Data Lake advisory board.
  • Get a copy of the Product Data Lake source code for you to use if cease to exist.

Product Data Lake capability and yearly subscription fees are detailed in Product Data Lake Overview.

This offer is valid until we have obtained 1 million EUR in prepaid subscriptions from commissioners.

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