My Been Done List

This is a list of selected projects I have been involved in and I have blogged about or intend to blog about soon:

  • Was a postman while attending high school as described in the post The Right Mail Order
  • Worked at the Danish Tax Authorities with implementing a solution for pension fund taxation as told in the post Big Business.
  • Was secretary for the committee that prepared a joint registry of companies in Denmark. Mentioned in the post Single Company View.
  • Helped with implementing a modernized tax collection system on the Faroe Islands. Mentioned in the blog post Grandpa’s Story.
  • Was CIO in a midsize insurance company  – part of RSA. Mentioned in the blog post A Really Bad Address.
  • Designed a Land Registry solution for Ship’s for the Danish Maritime Authorities. Mentioned in Big Trouble with Big Names. Later helped with migrating to a new system.
  • Managed a Patent Registration and Search solution for the Danish Patent and Trademark Agency – plus later implemented my first data matching solution there.
  • Customized an Enterprise Resource Planning system for a food ingredient manufacturer called CP Kelco today. Mentioned in the blog post What is Multi-Domain MDM.
  • Later helped with migrating the data in the above system to SAP.
  • Helped with an application in the Swedish Healthcare sector.
  • Made a ready-made data matching tool. Mentioned in the post: When computer says maybe.
  • Customized that tool for an international fund raising organization. Mentioned in the post Feasible Names and Addresses.
  • Tuned that tool heavily for Dun & Bradstreet Nordic and Switzerland (now Bisnode). Mentioned in the post the GlobalMatchBox.
  • Works on and off since the last 10 years with a solution for public transit. Mentioned in the posts Multi-Entity Master Data Quality, Real World Alignment and Valuable Accuracy.
  • Managed the introduction of a new data matching tool (Omikron) on the Nordic market. Mentioned in the posts Algorithm Envy and The Worst Best Sale.
  • Worked with Omikron Nordic clients including local branches of international brands as Thomas Cook, Wyndham, Toyota and Avis. The latter one is mentioned in the posts Mixed Identities and Golden Copy Musings.
  • Engaged in the Master Data Management  part of a blueprint for a multichannel and internationalization program at a large UK retailer.
  • Worked as interim data quality and multi-domain MDM specialist at a Master Data Management platform vendor.
  • Involved in the making and promotion of a tool for upstream data quality mentioned in the posts instant Data Quality and Reference Data at Work in the Cloud.
  • Joined the Fliptop advisory board. Fliptop was a pioneer in Social MDM, now acquired by LinkedIn.
  • Helped with setting up a data governance and MDM programme at a top-50 University.
  • Advised in a data governance initiative at a US based financial service tool provider.
  • Helped a Danish government agency with how to register foreign addresses as told in post called Foreign Addresses.
  • Worked as product data development manager at a UK based wholesaler in the construction sector as told in the post Toilet Seats and Data Quality.
  • Starting up the Product Data Lake, a service for exchanging product data as reported in the post Chinese Whispers and Data Quality.
  • Was engaged as interim MDM specialist at a global pharmaceutical company as mentioned in the post MDM and SCM: Inside and outside the corporate walls.
  • Been interim MDM consultant at a DK based wholesaler in the construction sector.
  • Worked as interim MDM specialist at an international jewelry – or is it jewellery? – firm as touched in the post Cultured Freshwater Pearls of Wisdom.
  • Advised in a global customer and counter party MDM program at a large Nordic bank and managed a GDPR / Test Data Management roadmap and tool selection project at a Fintech company which inspired the post Where a Major Tool is Not So Cool.
  • Founded a list of the most innovative MDM / PIM / DQM solutions
  • Advised in a MDM tool selection project at large European manufacturer.
  • Engaged as an interim Master Data Architect at a large Danish manufacturer.
  • Doing webinars, conference speaking, whitepapers and more.
  • Worked at a fast growing MDM/PIM consultancy.

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