Data Fabric and Master Data Management

Data fabric has been named a key strategic technology trend in 2022 by Gartner, the analyst firm.

According to Gartner, “by 2024, data fabric deployments will quadruple efficiency in data utilization while cutting human-driven data management tasks in half”.

Master Data Management (MDM) and data fabric are overlapping disciplines as examined in the post Data Fabric vs MDM. I have seen data strategies where MDM is put as a subset to data fabric and data strategies where they are separate tracks.

In my head, there is a common theme being data sharing.

Then there is a different focus, where data fabric seems to be focusing on data integration. MDM is also about data integration, but more about data quality. Data fabric takes care of all data while MDM obviously is about master data, though the coverage of business entities within MDM seems to be broadening.

Another term closely tied to data fabric – and increasingly with MDM as well – is knowledge graph. Knowledge graph is usually considered a mean to achieve a good state of data fabric. In the same way you can use a knowledge graph approach to achieve a good state of MDM when it comes to managing relationships – if you include a data quality facet.

What is your take on data fabric and MDM?

3 thoughts on “Data Fabric and Master Data Management

  1. Asifa 28th November 2022 / 20:52

    Hi, can you mention the names of the data strategies where MDM is put as a subset to data fabric?

    • Henrik Gabs Liliendahl 29th November 2022 / 08:24

      Hi Asifa. thanks for commenting. I have noticed this in data strategies developed at enterprises around including some of the largest world-wide companies.

  2. Asifa 29th November 2022 / 19:34

    Hi, Can you give some examples of these enterprises as I want to study this topic in more detail where MDM is put as subset of data fabric? Thank yo

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