Data Matching

One of my specialties in Data Quality is Data Matching.

Data Matching is about linking – and eventually also splitting before linking – entities in or between databases, where these entities are not already linked with unique keys.

Matching party data – names and addresses – is the most common area where Data Matching is practiced and a lot of tools are available. Matching includes:

  • Deduplication
  • Match with external reference data and
  • Identity Resolution.

Please find more detailed information here:

Doing business directory matching has been a focus area of mine including making a solution for match with the D&B worldbase.

The sub disciplines of data matching are further described in posts about:

Product directory matching and deduplication is also widespread. An example is described in the post Matching Light Bulbs.

I was a guest on OCDQ Radio explaining the art of data matching.

Data Matching may be deployed in some different ways, where I have been involved in the ones described in the post Deploying Data Matching.

Data Matching BulbIf you are interested in Data Matching you may join the LinkedIn group on this matter – as the group manager I will be happy to approve your membership.  Join here.

Also, I am co-author of the eLearningCurve course about Data Parsing, Matching and De-duplication.

The future of data matching is explained in my Informatica Perspectives blog post called Five Future Data Matching Trends.

These trends are further examined in the posts:

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3 thoughts on “Data Matching

  1. lydie 11th January 2011 / 10:22

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    I will explain the details of Product verification project.

    Requirements: Verify that the target company currently imported product name or category.

    Original data: company name, purchase products, contact information.

    Requirements: by phone, email, import and export agency surveys, market surveys conducted purchased product.
    We will provide you with these companies’ imported products previously as a reference, specific information about this article productEN and KW bar display. You need to make sure they are still doing such imports now or what products are being imported and recorded. If the firm is a manufacturer, confirm whether certain raw materials.

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