Big Data Quality

The rise of big data naturally brings up questions about the quality of big data. Surely we can’t manage big data the way we manage traditional data as discussed in the post Extreme Data Quality.

The two predominant kinds of big data are:

  • Social data and
  • Sensor data

Read more about the data quality implications for these two kinds of big data in the post Social Data vs Sensor Data.

Not at least the quality of social data is questionable. Read about this in the post Crap, Damned Crap and Big Data.

Besides dealing with quality of big data we are also increasingly learning that data quality for small data is going to be more important with the rise of big data. This is because analyzing big data makes most sense when the big data is matched with small data (first and foremost Master Data). This challenge is examined in the post Small Data with Big Impact.

A trend in ensuring data quality for big data via master data quality is exploiting the increasing number of big reference data sources as explained in the post The Big ABC of Reference data. New forms of identities urge us to be able to mash up many kinds of identities as told in the post Future Identities.

You may join the LinkedIn Group for big data quality by clicking the icon below.


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