How Mature are Big Data Maturity Models?

The rise of big data creates a lot of well known side effects. One of them is maturity models.

Here’s a Big Data Maturity Model from 2012. The Data Warehousing Institute has introduced their TDWI Big Data Maturity Model and Assessment Tool. And yesterday over at John Radcliffe’s blog there is an introduction of another Big Data Maturity Model.

Big Data Maturity Model Radcliffe
Click on image to go to John’s blog for more maturity.

The concept of a maturity model is well established since the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) of software development was born and probably we will also see a big data immaturity model one day.

As organizations will be climbing up the steps of the big data maturity models we will learn more about what’s up there and indeed we already know something because the use of big data started long before the use of the term big data.

What do you think: How mature are big data maturity models?

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