Master Data Share

Multienterprise MDM in the form of Multi-Domain MDM for business ecosystems

Master Data Share or be OOBMaster Data Share is a concept for a new way of handling master data. In Master Data Share you exchange and share master data not only within your organization but also within the business ecosystems, where your organization participates. Furthermore, you exploit third party and open reference data wherever possible.

Multi-Domain MDM

Master Data Share is a multi-domain wide Master Data Management concept encompassing:

Globe3Location master data, which is the master data domain where you most extensively can exploit third party and open reference data.

Party master data, that covers parties in customer roles, vendor (supplier) roles and other business partner roles based on using third party reference data.

Product master data and Product Information Management (PIM) with emphasis on exchanging product model data as second party master data between trading partners using national and international standards where possible.

Asset/thing master data for each physical instance of a product model, which is a growing domain with the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0.

Product Data Lake

FirstLogoSaveAt the core of Master Data Share we have Product Data Lake as the essential cloud service for sharing product model data and things master data related to parties and locations based on partnerships in business ecosystems.

Parties are signed up identified and verified with the Dun & Bradstreet world-base. Partnerships can, like in a social network, be requested and accepted/rejected by the requested trading partner.

Your In-house Master Data Solution

GW MDMAny brand of single domain or multi-domain MDM solution can fit into Master Data Share. Any brand of Product Information Management (PIM) or Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution can fit into Master Data Share. Any brand of Customer Data Integration (CDI) solution can fit into Master Data Share. Any brand of ERP and CRM solution can fit into Master Data Share.

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