What is Collaborative Product Data Syndication?

Product Data Syndication (PDS) is a sub discipline within Product Information Management (PIM) as explained in the post What is Product Data Syndication (PDS)?

Collaborative PDS can be achieved at scale with a specialized product data syndication service where the manufacturer can push product information according to their definitions and the merchant can pull linked and transformed product information according to their definitions.

With Collaborative Product Data Syndication, you can get the best of two worlds:

  • You can have the market standard that makes you not falling behind your competitors.
  • However, you can also have unique content coming through that puts you ahead of your competitors.

The advantages of collaborative PDS versus other PDS approaches was examined in the post Collaborative Product Data Syndication vs Data Pools and Marketplaces.

The Product Data Lake solution I am involved with utilizes that data lake concept to handle the complexities of having many different data standards for product information in play within supply chains and encompass the many different preferences for exchange methods.

Our approach is not to reinvent the wheel, but to collaborate with partners in the industry. This includes:
·       Experts within a type of product as building materials and sub-sectors in this industry, machinery, chemicals, automotive, furniture and home-ware, electronics, work clothes, fashion, books and other printed materials, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and medical devices. You may be a specialist in certain standards for product data. You will link the taxonomy in use at two trading partners or within a larger business ecosystem.
·       Product data cleansing specialists who have proven track records in optimizing product master data and product information. You will prepare the product data portfolio at a trading partner and extend the service to other trading partners or within a larger business ecosystem.
·       System integrators who can integrate product data syndication flows into Product Information Management (PIM) and other solutions at trading partners and consult on the surrounding data quality and data governance issues. You will enable the digital flow of product information between two trading partners or within a larger business ecosystem.
·       Tool vendors who can offer in-house Product Information Management (PIM) / Master Data Management (MDM) solutions or similar solutions in the ERP and Supply Chain Management (SCM) sphere. You will be able to provide, supplement or replace customer data portals at manufacturers and supplier data portals at merchants and thus offer truly automated and interactive product data syndication functionality.
·       Technology providers with data governance solutions, data quality management solutions and Artificial Intelligence (AI) / machine learning capacities for classifying and linking product information to support the activities made by other delegates and subscribers.
·       Reservoirs, as Product Data Lake is a unique opportunity for service providers with product data portfolios (data pools and data portals) for utilizing modern data management technology and offer a comprehensive way of collecting and distributing product data within the business processes used by subscribers.

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