MDM Market News: Informatica acquires AllSight

As reported in the news Informatica acquires AI-enabled customer insights startup AllSight to expand its intelligent data platform and help enterprises improve their customer experiences.

A while ago the interest at Informatica to pursue this path of Master Data Management (MDM) was examined here on the blog in the post Multi-Domain MDM 360 and an Intelligent Data Lake.

AllSight is listed on the Disruptive Master Data Management Solutions List.

In my eyes MDM vendors must embrace this kind of solutions in order to deliver an extended MDM platform to underpin customer experience efforts. Such a platform will not only handle traditional master data, but also reference data, big data (as data lakes) either directly or by linking to the data in there as well as linking to transactions.

Traditional Master Data Management will, supplemented with Reference Data Management (RDM), enable the handling of:

  • Customer, supplier and product identity
  • Customer, supplier and product hierarchies
  • Customer, supplier and product locations

Additionally, the data lake concept can be used for:

Extended MDM Platforms

The Informatica take over of AllSight comes timely for me, as I will join Informatica and speak about the latest and hottest trends in Master Data Management at the morning seminars in Copenhagen 8 April 2019 and Stockholm 9 April 2019.

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