The Recent Coupling on the MDM Market

When it has been about mergers and acquisitions on the Master Data Management (MDM) solution market, there have until recently not been so much going around since 2012. Rather we have seen people leaving the established vendors and formed or joined new companies.

But, three months ago Tibco was coupled with Orchestra.

Then on Valentine’s day 2019 Symphony Technology Group Acquired PIM and MDM Provider EnterWorks with the aim of coupling their offerings with the ones from WinShuttle. WinShuttle has been more a data management generalist company with focus on ERP data – not at least in SAP. This merger ties into the trend of extending MDM platforms to other kinds of data than traditional master data. It will also make an alternative to SAPs own MDM and data governance offering called MDG.

Fourteen days later there was a new coupling as reported in the post MDM Market News: Informatica acquires AllSight. This must also be seen as a step in the trend of providing an extended MDM platform with Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities. Also, Informatica is here going against the new MDM solution provider Reltio, who has been successful in promoting their big data extended MDM platform.

Both Enterworks and AllSight (and Reltio too) are listed on The Disruptive Master Data Management List.

MDM Coupling


2 thoughts on “The Recent Coupling on the MDM Market

  1. Prashanta C 3rd March 2019 / 18:23

    Hi Henrik,

    A good movement in MDM space for sure.

    As you know me well, success comes down to making organizations get value quickly. There are many approaches available today and a lot of them over promise and under deliver. While the modern approach look hot, implementation times of up to 12 months shouldn’t be a norm. And most importantly, what are your customers telling about your service? These are the few discussions that change the game completely.


    • Henrik Liliendahl 3rd March 2019 / 20:36

      That is true Prash. Implementation length and customer satisfaction are crucial factors.

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