Multi-Domain MDM 360 and an Intelligent Data Lake

This week I had the pleasure of being at the Informatica MDM 360 event in Paris. The “360” predicate is all over in the Informatica communication. There are the MDM 360 events around the world.  The Product 360 solution – the new wrap of the old Heiler PIM solution, as I understand it. The Supplier 360 solution. Some Customer 360 stuff including the Cloud Customer 360 for Salesforce edition.

GW MDMAll these solutions constitutes one of the leading Multi-Domain MDM offerings on the market – if not the leading. We will be wiser on that question when Gartner (the analyst firm) makes their first Multi-Domain MDM Magic Quadrant later this year as reported in the post Gravitational Waves in the MDM World.

Until now, Informatica has been very well positioned for Customer MDM, but not among the leaders for Product MDM in the ranking according to Gartner. Other analysts, as Information Difference, have Informatica in the top right corner of the (Multi-Domain) MDM landscape as seen here.

MDM and big data is another focus area for Informatica and Informatica has certainly been one of the first MDM vendors who have embraced big data – and that not just with wording in marketing. Today we cannot say big data without saying data lake. Informatica names their offering the Intelligent Data Lake.

For me, it will be interesting to see how Informatica can take full Multi-Domain MDM leadership with combining a good Product MDM solution with an Intelligent Data Lake.

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