What’s Different about MDM in France?

franceAs told in the post about French MDM vendors yesterday I have been on a MDM (Master Data Management) event in Paris today.

An interesting take away from the event’s presentations and the mingling is some differences between how MDM is handled in France (and the rest of continental Europe as I know it) compared to the English speaking world. Some observations are:

People, process and technology

Many MDM gurus (and gurus in other disciplines) stress that you shouldn’t focus on technology (alone) but take people and process very serious too. That’s not so important in France. Everyone knows that already.

Multi-Domain MDM

In France it’s common to start with product MDM and then continue with customer (party) MDM.

The Quadrant Magic

If you made a Gartner Magic Quadrant for MDM solutions in France you wouldn’t have a quadrant for customer data and another one for product data. There would be only one quadrant for (multi-domain) MDM and some of the local vendors would be leaders as discussed in the post MDM for Customer Data Quadrant: No challengers. No visionaries.

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