Trois acteurs français dans le marché du MDM

I am looking forward to going to Paris today in order to be at the Forum MDM arranged by Micropole taking place tomorrow.

The French MDM market is a vibrant one with several French grown solutions also going well on the world-wide MDM market:


As told in the post Eating the MDM Elephant the MDM solution provider Semarchy has emphasized on making a MDM platform that supports evolutionary MDM which means that you don’t have to pre-think every aspect of your to-be MDM implementation before going ahead. This is a recommendable approach indeed.

Orchestra Networks

Master data and reference data are, besides of sometimes actually being used synonymously, close terms and so are Master Data Management (MDM) and Reference Data Management (RDM). Orchestra Networks seems to be on the forefront in offering a well founded solution for both disciplines at the same time.


The open source provider Talend has over the years developed a solution that started with data integration and then added data quality functionality and some years ago also included MDM and, in touch with the way of the world today, now also is embracing big data.

All the sponsors at the Forum MDM in Paris 24th October 2013

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2 thoughts on “Trois acteurs français dans le marché du MDM

    • Henrik Liliendahl Sørensen 24th October 2013 / 13:49

      Merci beaucoup Philippe

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