MDM for Customer Data Quadrant: No challengers. No visionaries.

The Gartner Magic Quadrant for Master Data Management of Customer Data Solutions is out. You may have a free look at it for example going through Talend’s press release on the matter here.

MDM Brands
PS: This isn’t the quadrant. Just a few vendor names.

It’s not a crowded picture. There are few solutions in there and several come from the same brand. And there are no challengers and no visionaries.

Gartner expect that challengers may arrive later for example as those who are building up multi-domain MDM solutions right now. Should be interesting to see what comes first: Challengers in the customer MDM quadrant or a multi-domain MDM quadrant. Other analysts have a single view of MDM vendors.

From where will we see the visionaries then? Gartner says current niche players may spread into the visionary field. If we will see new vendors emerging into the visionary field it may in my eyes be based on the Growing Variety in Big Master Data which includes widening the term customer data into taking care of all kinds of party master data.

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4 thoughts on “MDM for Customer Data Quadrant: No challengers. No visionaries.

  1. John Owens 21st October 2013 / 21:06

    Hi Henrik

    You know what I am going to moan about! 🙂

    Though it is useful for Gartner to produce this information, it is sad to hear them, a supposed ‘expert’ source, referring to a ‘Customer’ Quadrant in MDM.

    Hello, Gartner! There is no such thing as a Customer Quadrant in MDM, because Customer is not a Master Data Entity.

    Organisations like Gartner really ought to be leading the way in helping remove this confusion over Customer, which is one of the major contributors to the fragmentation of the true Master Data Entity of Party.

    Removing this confusion is not merely academic. It presents high risks to enterprises in many sectors. In insurance and finance it is presents a major risk.


    • Henrik Liliendahl Sørensen 21st October 2013 / 22:09

      Oh yes John. Your comment is no surprise 🙂

      I agree, and have agreed for many years, about what a customer is.

      I also do think that the customer MDM quadrant is approaching the best before date and the absence of challengers and visionaries may be a sign of that.

  2. Richard 23rd October 2013 / 18:20

    Henrick, I agree with your concern about the lack of visionaries or challengers in the MDM Magic Quadrant however it does not surprise me. Many visionary companies will be in the start-up phase of their company’s lifecycle and will, by definition, not meet Gartner’s criteria of $4m in revenues or numbers of reference sites.
    Semarchy is one such visionary MDM vendor and we aim to pass Gartner’s $4m hurdle soon however it is a pity such companies are excluded from the report. Perhaps they should recognise that the criteria should be different for visionaries and challengers so that the report displays a better overall picture of the MDM market and Gartner’s clients get an appreciation of these exciting emergent companies.

    • Henrik Liliendahl Sørensen 24th October 2013 / 14:12

      Thanks for commenting Richard. I’m in Paris today at an MDM event where Semarchy already is among the big ones 🙂 I look forward to follow your growth also on the world-wide market.

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