The Emperor´s New Term

Emperor_Clothes“No one dared to admit that he couldn’t see anything, for who would want it to be known that he was either stupid or unfit for his post?”

This is a quote from the story called The Emperors New Clothes by Hans Christian Andersen.

Having been in and around the IT business for nearly 40 years I have seen, and admittedly not seen, a lot. Inflated hype has always been there, and a lot of technologies, companies and gurus did not make it, but came out naked.

What will you say are the emperor’s new clothes within data management today. Here are some suggestions:

  • Social MDM (Social Master Data Management): The idea that master data management will embrace social profiles and social data streams. If not anything else, did GDPR kill that one?
  • Big Data: This term has been killed so many times. But were those always a staged murder?
  • Single source of truth: The vision that we can have one single source that encompasses everything we need to know about a business entity. This has been a long time running question. Will it ever be answered?

What is your suggestion?

Social Data vs Sensor Data

Social data sensor data big dataThe two predominant kinds of big data are:

  • Social data and
  • Sensor data

Social data are data born in the social media realm such as facebook likes, linkedin updates, tweets and whatever the data entry we as humans do in the social sphere is called.

Sensor data are data captured by devices of many kinds such as radar, sonar, GPS unit, CCTV Camera, card reader and many more.

There’s a good term called “same same but different” and this term does also in my experience very well describe the two kinds of big data: The social data coming directly from a human hand and the sensor data born by a machine.

Of course there are humans involved with sensor data as well. It is humans who set up the devices and sometimes a human makes a mistake when doing so. Raw sensor data are often manipulated, filtered and censored by humans.

There is indeed data quality issues associated with both kinds of big data, but in slightly different ways. And you surely need to apply master data management (MDM) in order to make some sense of both social data and sensor data as examined in the post Big Data and Multi-Domain Master Data Management.

What is your experience: Is social data and sensor data just big data regardless of source? Is it same same but different? Or are social data and sensor data two separated data worlds just both being big?

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Data Quality Technology for Marketing

TFMAAlso this year I visited the Technology for Marketing and Advertising event in London in order to take part in as many prize drawings as possible. And oh, also to catch up on new developments in applying data quality to marketing.

Translation Management and Social Intelligence

SDL has the slogan: Because Business is Global. I like it. Besides doing translation management SDL also excels in social intelligence. As discussed with the SDL representative on the booth a core competency in doing this is to link social data with master data entities, a subject I touched yesterday on Informatica Perspectives in the post called Social MDM and Future Competitive Analysis.

A proof of that it is a small world is that Informatica is a SDL reference customer for localization as told here.

Utilizing Location Data

Entergate, a survey tool specialist, focused on a new tool called pointSurvey. It’s so new I can’t find any links on their website. The concept is embedding maps into surveys that relate to location data. Using the tool respondents may point out places of interest or draw out routes.

Surely this is a better way to catch locations than typing in postal addresses.

eMail Verification

BriteVerify says on their site:

“At BriteVerify, we take verification seriously – in fact, making sure that you receive the most accurate information possible is pretty much the only thing that matters to us. Well, that and pancakes. Mmmmm… pancakes.”

Somehow I missed the pancakes. But the eMail verification presented by BriteVerify was good.

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