The Emperor´s New Term

Emperor_Clothes“No one dared to admit that he couldn’t see anything, for who would want it to be known that he was either stupid or unfit for his post?”

This is a quote from the story called The Emperors New Clothes by Hans Christian Andersen.

Having been in and around the IT business for nearly 40 years I have seen, and admittedly not seen, a lot. Inflated hype has always been there, and a lot of technologies, companies and gurus did not make it, but came out naked.

What will you say are the emperor’s new clothes within data management today. Here are some suggestions:

  • Social MDM (Social Master Data Management): The idea that master data management will embrace social profiles and social data streams. If not anything else, did GDPR kill that one?
  • Big Data: This term has been killed so many times. But were those always a staged murder?
  • Single source of truth: The vision that we can have one single source that encompasses everything we need to know about a business entity. This has been a long time running question. Will it ever be answered?

What is your suggestion?

4 thoughts on “The Emperor´s New Term

  1. John O'Gorman 31st May 2018 / 13:29

    Henrik – Good topic. I would call out ‘Single Source of Truth’ as my candidate for expulsion from the kingdom. I don’t think there has ever been a more divisive term in information management from an enterprise pespective.

    John O’

    • theslowdiyer 31st May 2018 / 19:38

      Agree that “SSoT” is pretty much useless from a systems engineering POV and equally worthless in practice from a business POV – you wouldn’t really want it, would you?. However, it paints a very beguiling picture for a manager/sponsor who doesn’t really know the details, and it’s easy to communicate and a very “relatable” term for other stakeholders as well.

      So, while “SSoT” should definitely go, that isn’t likely to happen unless we can replace it with something that is not only more accurate, but also something that non-data people can understand and relate to.

      Any and all good ideas/suggestions happily accepted from here at least 😀

  2. Allan Beatty 8th June 2018 / 22:21

    In an open universe, where your database has information about things outside your enterprise, the best you can hope for is a Single Source of a Good Estimate.

    • Henrik Liliendahl 19th June 2018 / 19:33

      That will be a way to phrase it Allan 🙂

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