Data Quality Technology for Marketing

TFMAAlso this year I visited the Technology for Marketing and Advertising event in London in order to take part in as many prize drawings as possible. And oh, also to catch up on new developments in applying data quality to marketing.

Translation Management and Social Intelligence

SDL has the slogan: Because Business is Global. I like it. Besides doing translation management SDL also excels in social intelligence. As discussed with the SDL representative on the booth a core competency in doing this is to link social data with master data entities, a subject I touched yesterday on Informatica Perspectives in the post called Social MDM and Future Competitive Analysis.

A proof of that it is a small world is that Informatica is a SDL reference customer for localization as told here.

Utilizing Location Data

Entergate, a survey tool specialist, focused on a new tool called pointSurvey. It’s so new I can’t find any links on their website. The concept is embedding maps into surveys that relate to location data. Using the tool respondents may point out places of interest or draw out routes.

Surely this is a better way to catch locations than typing in postal addresses.

eMail Verification

BriteVerify says on their site:

“At BriteVerify, we take verification seriously – in fact, making sure that you receive the most accurate information possible is pretty much the only thing that matters to us. Well, that and pancakes. Mmmmm… pancakes.”

Somehow I missed the pancakes. But the eMail verification presented by BriteVerify was good.

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3 thoughts on “Data Quality Technology for Marketing

    • Henrik Liliendahl Sørensen 6th August 2013 / 09:36

      Thanks for sharing Jay.

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