MDM Spending Might be 5 Billion USD per Year

The latest Master Data Management Landscape report from Information Difference was covered in the post Movements in the MDM Vendor Landscape 2019.

Apart from positioning some of the tool vendors on a chart, the report also estimates the size of the MDM market. Information difference estimates that the software vendors make 1.6 B USD per year. Hereof are pure license sales 885 M USD, maintenance fees are 273 M USD per year and professional services counts for 450 M USD per year.

In addition, the report says: “Our research shows that on average the people costs of a MDM project are four times that of the software license cost, so there is clearly a large and separate consultancy market associated with MDM”.

So, the additional spending might be in the area of 3.5 B USD (depending on how you calculate and if that multiplier is right). These costs go to system integrators, freelance MDM consultants and internal staff. From my experience internal staff are sparsely represented in MDM implementations, so yes, there is a large consultancy market within MDM.

The total 5 Billion USD spend by end user organizations yearly on MDM then look like this:

MDM Spending 2019
MDM Yearly Spending. Source: Information Difference

The good question that follows will of course be on the size and distribution of the business benefits achieved.

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