Movements in the MDM Vendor Landscape 2019

The MDM Vendor Landscape 2019 from Information Difference is out. You can compare to the landscape from a year ago when looking at the MDM Vendor Landscape 2018.

Some vendors from last year as Contentserv and Semarchy is missing this year. This is in my thinking not because they have left the marked or have become irrelevant. I will guess it is about unwillingness to contribute to the research at too many market researchers.

Profisee is added which is in line with an increased Master Data Management market exposure from the folks at Profisee.

At the recurring vendors there is little movement except that Viamedici has moved a bit up on the technology axis and Informatica (perhaps surprisingly) has fallen a bit on that axis.

Orchestra Networks is now named Ticbo following the take over since last landscape.

The plot is here:

MDM Landscape Q2 2019

PS: Many of the vendors in the list this year and last year – and some more – are presented in depth on The Disruptive MDM / PIM List.

PPS: If you represent a vendor not on The Disruptive MDM / PIM List, you can register here.

4 thoughts on “Movements in the MDM Vendor Landscape 2019

  1. jason johnson 24th July 2019 / 13:38

    I’m surprised you don’t have Reltio on your list

    • Henrik Liliendahl 24th July 2019 / 14:55

      Hi Jason. This report is published by Information Difference, a UK based analyst firm. I agree that Reltio would usually be on such a list. So would also Riversand. I take that most customer references in this survey are from Europe, where Reltio and Riversand still are on the raise. Could also be the same situation as with Semarchy and Contentserv. Anyway all those 4 major MDM players are on The Disruptive MDM / PIM list

  2. Richard Branch 25th July 2019 / 08:12

    Hi Henrik, I can assure you Semarchy are alive and kicking and we are all doing very well ! As suggested, we choose to take part in several analyst research programs; Gartner, Forrester and your own Disruptive MDM list, of course, further details of our market positioning can always be found on our website. Best regards…

    • Henrik Liliendahl 25th July 2019 / 08:35

      Thanks for confirming Richard. And yes, Semarchy received very good positioning in MDM at Gartner and Forrester recently. Also thanks to Semarchy for being one of the early entries on The Disruptive MDM List.

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