Tibco, Orchestra and Netrics

Today’s Master Data Management (MDM) news is that Tibco Software has bought Orchestra Networks. So, now the 11 vendors in last year’s Gartner Magic Quadrant for Master Data Management Solutions is down to 10.

If Gartner is still postponing this year’s MDM quadrant, they may even manage to reflect this change. We are of course also waiting to see if newcomers will make it to the quadrant and make the crowd of vendors in there go back to an above 10 number. Some of the candidates will be likes of Reltio and Semarchy.

Else, back to the takeover of Orchestra by Tibco, this is not the first time Tibco buys something in the MDM and Data Quality realm. Back in 2010 Tibco bought the data quality tool and data matching front runner Netrics as reported in the post What is a best-in-class match engine?

Then Tibco didn’t defend Netrics’ position in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Tools. The latest Data Quality Tool quadrant is also as the MDM quadrant from 2017 and was touched on this blog here.

So, will be exciting to see how Tibco will defend the joint Tibco MDM solution, which in 2017 was a sliding niche player at Gartner, and the Orchestra MDM solution, which in 2017 was a leader at the Gartner MDM quadrant.

Tibco Orchestra Netrics

4 thoughts on “Tibco, Orchestra and Netrics

  1. Matt Gagan 5th December 2018 / 17:24

    As someone who was part of the prior Tibco MDM story, I think you raise a good question here, and I have to worry for Orchestra Networks and their customers.
    Tibco have changed their mind about whether DQ matters, and whether MDM matters, a couple of times now, and Vista Equity’s investment in Tibco 4 years ago has to be approaching an exit.
    – 2010: Tibco buys Netrics, a Gartner DQ MQ leader.
    … Tibco uses part of Netrics for MDM, neglects DQ overall, Netrics disappears from Gartner’s DQ MQ.
    – 2013: Tibco MDM achieves MQ leader status (Customer and Product MDM).
    – 2014: Vista Equity buys Tibco.
    …MDM is de-prioritized by new Tibco leadership, and Tibco MDM has since slid to arguably not really being a viable MDM choice.
    – 2018: Vista Equity has now owned Tibco for 4 years, so some realization of their investment HAS to be imminent.
    … is the purchase of Orchestra simply a packaging exercise by Vista, so as to create a sellable bundle to the highest bidder?
    … in whatever ownership situation is next for all or part of Tibco, what product decisions will be made?

    • Henrik Liliendahl 5th December 2018 / 18:58

      Thanks a lot for adding in Matt and providing some firsthand observations

  2. John Platten 7th December 2018 / 10:35

    In terms of Gartner it’s a bottom left to top right move by Tibco. I can absolutely see it from their perspective.

    Orchestra? I’m going to guess its mostly a capitalisation of the owner’s investment in the company. Shame they didn’t hold on as EBX latest looks very good, but also understandable – the markets for any software tool are unpredictable. They would never know when the next cash out is coming.

    So in response to Matt – I would be a lot more concerned if they were close peers in the Gartner and either tool could be dropped. Here there seems a clear motive and a clear outcome?

    The Gartner chart is here for anyone who wants to check it out:: https://www.informatica.com/gb/magic-quadrant-MDM.html#fbid=8hCSYS76LzR

    • Henrik Liliendahl 7th December 2018 / 10:44

      Thanks a lot John for your perspective – and the link to the latest Gartner MDM MQ

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