Ecommerce Su…ffers without Data Quality

Inadequate data quality is the enemy of any business. Proof of that for ecommerce too was revealed in a recent survey from the Danish E-commerce Association (FDIH). Over 7,000 respondents were asked if they would turn away from a web-shop, if the product information is incomplete or the product image is bad.

FDIH survey

52 % answered that they totally agree. 29 % more agreed, making it 81 % in all who would leave. 12 % was not sure. 4 % disagreed and 3 % totally disagreed.

The importance of the maintenance and publishing of adequate product information in order to support self-service sales approaches has been pondered on this blog many times as for example in the post Self-service Ready Product Data.

Having product Images of good quality is a part of that and add to that you often see missing product images as reported in the post Image Coming Soon.

By the way: The root cause of incomplete product information and images is lack of agile and process driven sharing of this in business ecosystems. The remedy to that is the Product Data Lake and we will be at the Danish E-Commerce Association event in Copenhagen the 13th October 2016. More information about this event here.

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2 thoughts on “Ecommerce Su…ffers without Data Quality

  1. Ayşegül 19th August 2016 / 00:14

    Hi Henrik
    Images important but promised images must be real images. Big quality differences on images can makes lost user’s money and time.

    By the way we talk about some old page on your blog Information quality of maps. Everything on internet (www) walking with tortoise steps for me. I went to holiday last week and I lost my hotel streets. I dont use smartphones. My doughter does. (By the way I am and human is smart than a phone expensive or cheap not important. All day ı can not spend my valuable life on phone screen noncence , it is my opinion) And she asked to map “where the hotel is” maps comletle shows wrong. And we found hotel by asking peoples. At the and we was in hotel, we asked to maps again “where is the X hotel” Smartphones map said you are far from hotel 5 kilometer
    ahahhaa maps still stupid.

    First of all maps are wrong DATA QUALİTY İS A DREAM for this century’s www and Tim Berners-Lee ‘s World wide web so primitive and insufficient and no philosophy in it.

    You write lots of page about that and always I agree with you AGAİN 🙂

    Some music


  2. onestopsolutiononlineshopping 22nd September 2016 / 23:06

    Data quality is there but data assimilation and integration is required

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