Emerging Database Technologies for Master Data

The MDM Landscape Q2 2016 from Information Difference is out. MDM vendors usually celebrate these yearly analyst reports with tweets and posts about their prominent position, like Informatica trailed by Stibo Systems for being in the top right corner and Agility Mulitichannel closely followed by Orchestra Networks for having the happiest customers.

The Information DifferenceBut the market analysis and the trends observed is good stuff as well.

This year I noticed the trend in the underlying technology used by MDM vendors to store the master data. The report says: “Some vendors have also decided to cut their ties with the relational database platform that has traditionally been the core storage mechanism for master data. Certain types of analysis e.g. of relationships between data, can be well handled by other types of emerging databases, such as graph databases like Neo4J and NoSQL databases like MongoDB. One vendor has recently switched its underlying platform entirely away from relational, and others have similar plans.”

While we usually see graph databases and NoSQL databases as something to use for analytical purposes, the trend of moving master data platforms to these technologies implies that operational purposes will be based on these technologies too.

This is close to me as the master data service I’m work with right now is based on storing data for operational purposes in MongoDB (in the cloud).

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