Launching too early or too late

Today the 28th August 2016 is one month away from the official launch of the Product Data Lake.

When to launch is an essential question for every start-up. Launching too early with an immature product is one common pitfall and launching too late with a complex product that does not fit the market is another common pitfall for a start-up.

At Product Data Lake we hope we have struck the right balance. You can see what we have chosen to put up in the cloud in this document.

Right now both the technical team at Larion in Ho Chi Min City and the commercial team in Copenhagen is working hard to get the last details in place for the launch that will happen as told on LinkedIn in the post Meet The Product Data Lake.

One thing we have in place is the company’s vehicle fleet. As you can see, this is according to us being both environmental and economically responsible.


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