Sustainability Data in PIM

The collection of product data to be handled within PIM (Product Information Management) systems are ever increasing. End customers want more and more data to support purchase decisions.

This theme was pondered in the post Self-Service Ready Product Data.

One new kind of product data to beware of in the future is information about sustainability measures related to a given product. This is information about the environmental impact and the social impact from producing and consuming a product.

As the founder of the Product Data Lake, a solution for exchanging product data in business ecosystems, I am very pleased that sustainability information will be included as an important kind of product data ready to be exchanged between trading partners.

Earth Accounting

This is due to a cooperation with Earth Accounting. The Product Data Lake will be an integrated part of the information cooperative, where the Product Data Lake will facilitate forward looking manufacturers in providing their own sustainability measures along with all other kind of product data and where progressive distributors and retailers can receive and eventually publish sustainability data along with all other self-service ready product data.

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