MDM Aware MDM Solutions

The concept of MDM aware applications have been around for some time. What the Master Data Management establishment, including yours truly, is hoping for, is that applications like CRM, ERP and other systems will start to utilize the master entities in MDM solutions instead of having their own more or less useful data models within data silos around master data entities as parties, products, locations and assets as well as exploiting other good structures and services in the MDM realm.

puzzleBut what about MDM solutions themselves? Are MDM solutions that smug that they don’t take in good capabilities from other MDM solutions?

One reason to do so is if a MDM vendor have several MDM solutions to offer. An example of that I experienced recently was when attending the Informatica MDM day for EMEA in London the other day. Informatica has recently acquired the Product MDM specialist firm Heiler and has therefore two MDM solutions to offer to the market. It has been too early for the newest version 10 of the general Informatica MDM solution to embrace the Heiler solution, so what I learned from one of the good now Informatica folks was that the Heiler solution is becoming MDM aware – at least aware of the Informatica MDM version 10 solution I guess.

On another front I’m working with the iDQ™ MDM Edition. Here we do have a default data model for party master entities, but we are not that smug that we can’t be aware of other MDM solutions and their capabilities in a given IT landscape. Even in the party domain.

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One thought on “MDM Aware MDM Solutions

  1. Gary Ryan 2nd October 2014 / 22:18

    Hi Henrik, why wait for MDM Aware solutions when Reltio already has them available and in production for our customers. We are delivering MDM Aware solutions for the business graph like affiliation management in Life Sciences, M&A, CRM, corporate compliance, plan/payer for Life Sciences and others. Happy to show you life software demos on these solutions.

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