Buying a PIM Solution at Harrods

Today I attended the Informatica MDM Day for EMEA here in London.

London has a lot of attractions. If you for example want to see a lot of big price tags and go to a public toilet with a very nice odeur the place to go is the famous luxury department store called Harrods.


Harrods, represented by Peter Rush, presented their Product Information Management (PIM) journey at the Informatica event. So, how does a luxury PIM implementation look like?

It starts with realising that traditional product master data in retail has mostly been about the buy-side, but today, not at least in light of the multi-channel challenge, you must add the sell-side to product master data, meaning having customer friendly product information.

After setting that scene Harrods went into selecting a PIM solution, meaning eliminating possible vendors one by one until the lucky one was chosen. In this case Heiler (now Informatica). In the last stages evaluated vendors were sent home based on criteria like roadmap, being in Texas and as the last step the price.

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3 thoughts on “Buying a PIM Solution at Harrods

  1. dbmoore 30th September 2014 / 22:41

    @Henrik – Thanks for coming to the event. I hope this was not all you took away from the Harrods presentation nor from the event as a whole! I look forward to other shared learnings from the event …
    -Dennis Moore, Informatica

    • Henrik Liliendahl Sørensen 30th September 2014 / 23:04

      Stay tuned Dennis. This is a massive elaboration to the tweets of the day 🙂

      • dbmoore 30th September 2014 / 23:10

        Awesome – looking forward to more of your takeaways!

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