Attending a MDM Summit

Going to MDM (Master Data Management) conferences is a great learning experience.

If we look at world-wide conferences there are two series of conferences going on every year:

  • The Master Data Management Summit series lead by the MDM Institute, which is Aaron Zornes
  • The Master Data Management summit series organized by Gartner (the analyst firm)

Both those traveling events are coming to London this spring. First up is the Gartner event the 12th and 13th March. As I have been to the Zornes show several times before, I am looking forward to be at the more expensive Gartner performance this year.

The learning actually starts when you are looking at company names on the attendee list. Some master data issues are showcased here:

There will be people from these three well-known British supermarkets:

GartnerMDM 1

The good folks at Kühne + Nagel (AG & Co.) KG is having a hard time putting their proper name in there:

GartnerMDM 2

And what a timely name for this Swiss company:

GartnerMDM 3

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3 thoughts on “Attending a MDM Summit

  1. Gino Fortunato 9th March 2014 / 01:05

    Thanks for sharing! That is hilarious!

  2. Tarik 12th March 2014 / 22:33

    lol… it reminds me an MDM manager asking me this evening “where do you implement consolidation? “…hilarious!

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