What’s Different about MDM in Denmark?

little_mermaid_copenhagenAfter writing about What’s Different about MDM in France? It’s now time for a few words about what’s different about MDM (Master Data Management) in my native country Denmark.

International aspects of MDM isn’t strange

As a small market the domestic aspects is a minor thing for the large Danish companies as Maersk, Lego and Carlsberg. But even smaller companies grow out of the domestic market very early and that means that international aspects of MDM and related data quality are important in many implementations.

Even the flagship Danish MDM vendor Stibo Systems operated for many years with large foreign clients before recently getting their first domestic client.

Exploiting external reference data is imperative

Some industry sectors like finance and utility are still very domestic oriented. In party master data management good quality external reference data about domestic addresses, properties, companies and citizens are available at an affordable price and in some degree even free.

In my work at iDQ we have utilized this a lot as told in the story from the utility sector in the post instant Data Quality at Work. iDQ also help foreign companies as for example the largest bank in the Eurozone. As an example of another MDM domain than customer the service is also used for the HR domain by one of the the world’s largest employers.

The government isn’t a laggard

As reported in the post Making Data Quality Gangnam Style the government supports the use of reference data in private entities. But the data sources are indeed handled as a MDM program within the public sector ensuring that data silos in the public sector are eliminated with big wins for public administration as another result. Newest development is centralized support for handling master data about Danes abroad. Good to be involved.

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2 thoughts on “What’s Different about MDM in Denmark?

  1. kenoconnordataconsultant 11th November 2013 / 08:42

    Great post Henrik,
    Denmark provides an Excellent example of how reference data should be managed and made available by the public sector, for use by all.
    Well done to IDQ for harnessing this excellent reference data for the benefit of clients.

    Rgds Ken

    • Henrik Liliendahl Sørensen 16th November 2013 / 13:55

      Thanks Ken.

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