A Blast from the Past

Many days I work in a so called day office, which is an office booked for a single day at a location convenient for where I am and is going to do on that day.

My day office today comes with a Rolodex.


But I have trouble connecting it with Bluetooth 🙂

Fortunately means of keeping a contact list has improved over the years, not at least when it comes to connectivity:

  • The Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) usually could do Bluetooth or had other ways to connect to other devices and share data that way.
  • With the rise of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems your contact list was blended with the contact list of everyone else in your company.
  • Now with Social CRM (SCRM) your company’s contact list is (or will be) integrated with social networks.

Data Quality challenges and opportunities also have changed with the development in how to keep a contact list:

  • The Rolodex was totally dependent on you keeping the data up-to-date and it was your choice how it was indexed – by given name, surname or whatever.
  • The PDA data should be kept timely by you as well. When exchanging with other devices different ways of organizing data could be a pain somewhere.
  • With CRM systems updates from third party sources became relevant and you aren’t alone on making the updates – differently. Duplicates and data not fit for your purpose is a pain.
  • Now with SCRM your contacts themselves may make most of the updates. Now you have to figure out which ones to rely upon and how to link with your old recording. In other words: Social Master Data Management.

Well, perhaps I better have to forget about using the Rolodex and get on with today’s tweeting. Now, where is my pencil?


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2 thoughts on “A Blast from the Past

  1. John Owens 2nd July 2013 / 05:51

    Hi Henrik

    The good news is that there is an Irish company that now does Bluetooth adaptors for Rolodex.

    They were the first Irish company to produce digital film for digital cameras when they first came out.

    They are now working on a GPS system in the form of a paper map with a moveable stick-on arrow with ‘You Are Here’ written on it.

    You should give them a ring.


    • Henrik Liliendahl Sørensen 2nd July 2013 / 08:41

      🙂 That is good news John. I will right away ask one of the nice hello girls at the telephone central to put me through to that innovative company.

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