Data Quality Vendors Beware of SEO Agencies

As reported in the post Fighting Identity Fraud with Identity Fraud and experienced with the post 255 Reasons for Data Quality Diversity I have seen several sloppy attempts of link building from SEO agencies working for data quality tool vendors.

The other day it happened again, this time on LinkedIn.

There was a comment in the Master Data Management Interest group:

DataLadder SEO

The comment is now deleted by the author and I do understand why.

I guess a SEO guy was working for Simon at DataLadder and Nathan from somewhere else at the same time and given access to their LinkedIn accounts. However he/she posted a comment to be meant being from Simon logged in as Nathan (who is not working with MDM and data quality).

So, data quality tool and service vendors: You can’t fight identity fraud with identity fraud and you can’t advocate for a single view of customer with a messy view of you as a vendor. Be authentic.

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7 thoughts on “Data Quality Vendors Beware of SEO Agencies

  1. Prash Chan (@MDMGeek) 1st March 2013 / 15:57

    Rightly said Henrik. Appears some vendors tend to believe they can defend the doctrine of biblical marriage while at the same time being free from the Law of Moses!

  2. Dylan Jones 2nd March 2013 / 12:45

    Hi Henrik, well spotted, looks like you’ve stumbled onto a case of Data Quality double-standards.

    Various records show that Nathan Krol is the actual owner of Data Ladder, “Simon Emmitt” would appear to be a fake account that Data Ladder seem to be using in order to make connections with other professionals in the industry, post topics linking to their blog and generally front the company.

    For some reason Nathan doesn’t want to be associated with the company on LinkedIn even though he is listed as an owner for it. Instead, he is listed as either a CFO or Director for Black & Decker since 2004 up to August last year.

    Certainly leaves a sour taste in my mouth as I’ve had multiple contacts with Data Ladder in the past, mistakenly thinking I was conversing with “Simon”, probably explains why “Simon” is the only sales manager who has a profile everywhere but no photograph.

    Pretty low tactic for such a recognised data quality company in my opinion, authenticity is the currency of the social web and this has clearly backfired for Data Ladder.

  3. Henrik Liliendahl Sørensen 2nd March 2013 / 13:03

    Thanks a lot Dylan. I had a look around and indeed I find the same as you also if you look at Nathan on Google+.

    However I asked Simon of Data Ladder, and he says:

    “Lol. No, I let Nathan use my computer at our office and when I went back to linkedin and commented it used his account, he must have logged in to linkedin and didn’t log out. He does Pricing, not SEO. Actually a lot with product type MDM for creating price cross references which is probably one of the most unique ways I’ve seen Product MDM applied. Sorry for any confusion.”

  4. Dylan Jones 3rd March 2013 / 16:02

    Guys, this is tiring let’s just move on, Nathan Krol is the real account and registered company owner, Simon Emmitt is a bogus one, for whatever reason. There are clear indications they are one and the same but hey ho, such is life in the virtual social age.

    There are far more interesting things to discuss on this excellent blog so let’s look forward to the next post from Henrik.

  5. Henrik Liliendahl Sørensen 3rd March 2013 / 17:04

    Thanks Dylan. I think you are right on the digital identity resolution part and what to do next.

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