Social Data Quality

A cornerstone in the social sphere around data quality is the site DataQualityPro founded by Dylan Jones.

This week the site had a major facelift. As Dylan explains:

“We’ve moved over to one of the most advanced content hosting sites available to make it easier for you to discover, share and engage with the huge amounts of educational content and resources we now have on the site.”

You may read more about the changes in the post Welcome to the New Look Data Quality Pro.

I remember joining DataQualityPro even before it was a site, as it started as a section of the sister site called DataMigrationPro.

During the years I have learned a lot by being a member of DataQualityPro and as most things social you don’t pay anything for being that. The only difference compared to other services is that there are no paid upgrades. You get the full package when joining.

There are sponsors too of course.

Also here I, as representing the data quality service provider iDQ, have very good experiences with DataQualityPro. Last summer we had a technology briefing on the site with a massive response.

So, if you haven’t seen the new design or you are not a member (or a sponsor) yet, hurry on and visit


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