Putting it Right

Data Governance (DG), Reference Data Management (RDM) and Management Data Management (MDM) are closely related disciplines.

MDM DG RDMConsequently the Data Governance Conference Europe 2013 and the Master Data Management Summit Europe 2013 are co-located and a hot topic this year is Reference Data Management.

The difficulties in putting the sessions on the conference in one right place may be seen by that the session called Establishing Reference Data Governance in the Large Enterprise is part of a MDM track, but is actually mostly about data governance. The session is labeled Product MDM & Reference Data, but will be about governing reference data for multi-domain MDM and the data governance program described was in fact based on a party master data challenge involving reference data for industry classification.

In the session Petter Larsen, Head of Data Governance at Norway’s largest financial services group called DNB, and Thomas T. Thykjaer, Lead MDM Consultant at Capgemini, will connect the dots in the landscape of business vocabularies, data models, the data governance toolbox, data domains and reference data architecture.

I for sure look forward to that Petter and Thomas will put it right.

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