Rising Adoption of MDM in the Cloud

When I back in December 2011 had a look into 2012 and what I was going to do, the topics were very well aligned with what Gartner (the analyst firm) have predicted for MDM, being:

What for me turned out to go faster than I thought was the thing about rising adoption of MDM in the Cloud.

I remember from back when CRM in the Cloud started to grow, not at least driven by the success of Salesforce.com, many voices predicted a slow adoption as most people couldn’t believe that companies would put one of their best secrets, the customer database, up in the cloud where everyone may be able to have a look.

iDQ logoRight now I’m working with implementing my first cloud MDM solution. This solution is based on the instant Data Quality service, which now consequently has an MDM edition. We didn’t expected to be this far already, but here we are.

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