The Big MDM Trend

Back in 2011 Gartner (the analyst firm) released a document where Gartner Highlights Three Trends That Will shape the Master Data Management Market.

The three things were:

  • Multi-Domain MDM
  • MDM in the Cloud
  • MDM and Social Networks

MDM and Social Networks (also called Social MDM) was described as shown below:

Gartner 3 MDM things 2011

In a 2012 article on Computerweekly called Three trends that will shape the master data management market also by John Radcliffe of Gartner the three trends are repeated however with social MDM now described in the context of MDM and big data:

Gartner 3 MDM things 2012

The slightly different use of terms to describe the trends and what it entails used by Gartner follows the big trend of using the term “big data” by everyone else in the industry as discussed in the post Data Quality vs Big Data, where you see that the use of the term “big data” exploded just after the original Gartner piece on the three trends.

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