Magic Quadrant Diversity

The Magic Quadrants from Gartner Inc. ranks the tool vendors within a lot of different IT disciplines. Related to my work the quadrants for data quality tools and master data management is the most interesting ones.

However, the quadrants examine the vendors in a global scope. But, how are the vendors doing in my country?

I tried to look up a few of the vendors in a local business directory for Denmark provided (free to use on the web) by the local Experian branch.


First up is DataFlux, the (according to Gartner) leading data quality tool vendor.

Result: No hits.

Knowing that DataFlux is owned by SAS Institute will however, with a bit of patience, finally bring you to information about the DataFlux product deep down on the SAS local website.

PS: Though SAS is more known here as the main airline (Scandinavian Airlines System), SAS Institute is actually very successful in Denmark having a much larger part of the Business Intelligence market here than most places else.


Next up is Informatica, a well positioned company in both the quadrant for data quality tools and customer master data management.

Result: No Hits.

Here you have to know that Informatica is represented in the Nordic area by a company called Affecto. You will find information about the Informatica products deep down on the Affecto website – along with the competing product FirstLogic owned by Business Objects (owned by SAP) also historically represented by Affecto.

Stibo Systems

Stibo Systems may not be as well known as the two above, but is tailing the mega vendors in the quadrant for Product Master Data Management, as mentioned recently in a blog post by Dan Power.

Result: Hit:

They are here with over 500 employees – at least in the legal entity called Stibo where Stibo Systems is an alternate name and brand. And it’s no kidding; I visited them last month at the impressive head quarter near Århus (the second largest city in Denmark).

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2 thoughts on “Magic Quadrant Diversity

  1. Gordon Hamilton 12th October 2010 / 16:39

    Great pragmatic post!

    Gartner would be well advised to follow your example and help people connect from the global quadrant to the local vendor reps.

    Cheers, Gordon

  2. Henrik Liliendahl Sørensen 16th October 2010 / 06:53

    Thanks Gordon.

    By the way Gartner has a local branch in Denmark with according to Experian 20-49 employees.

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