Big Trouble with Big Names

An often seen issue in party master data management is handling information about your most active customers, suppliers and other roles of interest. These are often big companies with many faces.

I remember meeting that problem way back in the 80’s when I was designing a solution for the Danish Maritime Authorities.  

In relation to a ship there are three different main roles:

  • The owner of the ship, who has some legal rights and obligations
  • The operator of ship, who has responsibilities regarding the seaworthiness of the ship
  • The employer, who has responsibilities regarding the seamen onboard the ship

Sometimes these roles don’t belong to the same company (or person) for a given ship. That real world reality was modeled all right. But even if it practically is the same company, then the roles are materialized very different for each role. I remember this was certainly the case with the biggest ship-owner in Denmark (and also by far the biggest company in Denmark) being the A.P. Moller – Maersk Group.

We really didn’t make a golden record for that golden company in my time on the project.

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