Game, Set, Match

Tennis is one of the sports I practiced a lot when I was young and still like to play when possible.

As a consequence I guess I also like to follow world class tennis not at least now where we finally got a Dane competing for the big titles. I’m thinking about Caroline Wozniacki who is seeded as number one in the ongoing US Open Grand Slam tournament.

So, as an excuse to write a blog post about it I have come up with these connections between Caroline and Data Matching.

The name:

Wozniacki isn’t exactly a Nordic name as she is the daughter of native-born Polish parents. In fact, if the Polish naming practice should be followed her surname should be Wozniacka; the female form of the name. But as practiced in Western countries she has inherited a genderless family name.  Good for matching.

The bet:

Bets on sports event is like scoring in data matching. You are not 100 % sure but rely on probability. Odds for Caroline winning the US Open opening round matches are as 1.01 and 1.02 = 98 – 99 % certainty = pretty sure. But odds get higher as the tournament proceeds to final rounds and it can go either way.

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