Military Intelligence

Many data quality issues may be prevented by having some intelligent (error tolerant) search going on. I wrote a post about it called Upstream prevention by error tolerant search.

Intelligent search may have a lot of other advantages too.

A scam related to the Danish Military has been going on for a while. The short story is:

A member of the Special Forces wrote a book about combat actions in Afghanistan. The Military tried to stop it, because it could help the enemy. In that process they by some reason made an Arabic translation and by some mistake leaked that to the press. The key person at the military around doing that has the surname “Sønderskov”.

Police “experts” were assigned to find the leak. For a month they unsuccessful searched for an e-mail address including “Sønderskov” only to realize: Oh, e-mail addresses can’t have the national character “ø”. It must either be “oe” or “o” instead as “Soenderskov” or “Sonderskov”.

The story (in Danish) here from the online computer media Version2.

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