The Quasimodo Quadrant

The 2021 Magic Quadrant for Master Data Management (MDM) Solutions went public yesterday as reported here.

Quasimodo is the main protagonist of the novel The Hunchback of Notre-Dame. Somehow the plot of vendors in this year’s MDM quadrant looks like (a caricature of) a hunchback. The vendors are in general better in “Ability to Execute” than in “Completeness of Vision”.

So, MDM vendors in general may lack something in market understanding, marketing strategy, product strategy, innovation and more.

This does resonate with me. As also stated in the quadrant some vendors are too invisible in the market buzz. There are heaps of emerging MDM use cases where it is not that easy to find a suitable solution not to say finding one well-fit solution for a range of use cases in a given organization with a given IT landscape.

2 thoughts on “The Quasimodo Quadrant

  1. Gary Allemann 3rd February 2021 / 10:13

    Hi Henrik. Wishing you a happy 2021. I would be interested in your thoughts on the emerging use cases you see for MDM

    • Henrik Gabs Liliendahl 3rd February 2021 / 11:08

      Happy 2021, Gary. Sure, a couple that have been close to me lately are:

      – IoT (Internet of Things) and MDM. Here the MDM data models and more are challenged. You need to not just manage each product model but also each single produced product that today in many cases is a connected smart device. You need to mange party references (manufacturer, installer, maintainer, owner …). You need to manage the (changing) precise location of the device as well.
      – Interenterprise MDM. Organizations will increasingly share master data with business partners. After you have used MDM to break down silos within each organization you have to confront the fact that your organization is a data and knowledge silo in the business ecosystem your organization participate in.

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