Who are the ADM Solution Providers?

ADM MDMAs examined in the post MDM vs ADM there is a sister discipline to Master Data Management (MDM) called Application Data Management (ADM).

While there are plenty of analyst market reports on who are the MDM solution providers, there are no similar ADM solution market reports. Not even by Gartner, who has coined the ADM term.

So, let me try to present three (to seven) examples of who might be some of the leading ADM solutions:

Oracle (CDM Cloud and Product MDM Cloud)

Oracle was thrown out of the latest Gartner Magic Quadrant for MDM Solutions as their approach reflects an exclusively ADM approach to MDM, thus meeting the associated Gartner defined exclusion criteria.

This indicates that you can use Oracle technology to underpin data management encompassing master data and other critical application data as long as these data are managed in an Oracle application or brought from somewhere else into the Oracle application before the data management capabilities are applied.


A lot of master/application data management takes place inside SAP’s ERP application which was called ECC and is now being replaced by S/4HANA. As SAP ERP do not provide much help for master data management, there are third-party applications that helps with that. One example I have worked with is it.mds.

SAP has introduced their newest MDM solution called SAP MDG (Master Data Governance). While this MDM solution in theory may be a solution that embraces all master data within an enterprise, it is, as I see it, in practice used to govern master data that sits in SAP ECC or S/4HANA as the core advantage of SAP MDG is that it fits with the SAP ERP data model and technology set up.

Semarchy xDM

The Semarchy solution is called xDM, implying that x can be everything as M for MDM, R for RDM (Reference Data Management) and A for ADM. In this approach the data management capabilities as data governance, hierarchy management and workflow management are applied in their Intelligent Data Hub™ regardless of the brand of the source (and target) application.

xDM from Semarchy is one of the featured solutions on The Disruptive MDM / PIM / DQM List. Learn more her.

2 thoughts on “Who are the ADM Solution Providers?

  1. theslowdiyer 2nd October 2019 / 18:12

    Once you are into ADM there is quite a lot of smaller players that Gartner never bother looking at. Something like https://itelligencegroup.com/dk/products/erp/it-mds/ can be extraordinarily effective if you’re really only worried about SAP, and I guess you have small SalesForce add-ins, probably smaller solutions for D365 etc.

    For many organisations this can be a great first step towards more enterprise-wide MDM, and to be honest often it is what they really need when they talk about MDM – the enterprise-wide approach that gives points on Gartner’s maturity model is sometimes using a strategic approach to solving a tactical/operational problem (i.e. massively overkill).

    • Henrik Liliendahl 2nd October 2019 / 19:36

      Indeed, you got to eat the elephant bite by bite and we have seen organizations trying to make those chunks too big.

      On the other hand, an application centric approach will often not make you go all the way as even modest sized organizations have several applications and the application landscape will change over time.

      I see the data hub approach built in an agile way as something that can strike the right balance here.

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