MDM Alternative Facts

When searching for information about Master Data Management (MDM) solutions you will stumble on a lot of alternative facts.

Here are three more or less grave examples:

The MDM news is filled with yet a new market research report at sale for a few thousand US dollars. These reports look at first hand to be very thorough and information rich. But usually with a closer look you will become suspicious. It may be the mention of key players where often some are missing and a few actually mentioned will be companies more known from other trades. And the structure and content, as in the below example, seems to be a copy paste from other trades. Hmmm… “Production”, “Gross Margin” …. Seems to be more about the global cement market.

Market Research MDM.png

The next example is from an article called The 4 Best Master Data Management (MDM) Software Tools to Consider. Oracle, Profisee, Talend and SAP are all viable solutions. But Oracle seems to be going away from this market and the below justification for Oracle is very little about MDM.

Oracle MDM

Finally, on the pedantic side, even the recognized analyst firms can make a mistake (or a copy paste from earlier years). Forrester places Informatica as a German company. Well, it is the Product Information Management (PIM) wave and Informatica got into PIM (now Product 360 MDM) by buying the German PIM vendor Heiler in 2012.

Infa as German.pngNope, there is no such thing as a single version of the truth.

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