There is no PIM quadrant, but there is a PIM wave

2018-Forrester-PIM-WaveWith the, in my eyes well justified, merge of the two Master Data Management (MDM) quadrants Gartner, the analyst firm, is somehow missing some ranking of specialised Product Information Management (PIM) vendors.

However, Forrester, the other analyst firm, still have their wave with the fresh new Forrester Wave™: Product Information Management Solutions, Q2 2018.

Two of the leaders have already announced their position as you can see here with Enterworks and Contentserv.

If you want to know more about the best PIM solutions on the market, you can also read about Enterworks, Contentserv, Stibo Systems, Riversand and Agility Multichannel on the disruptive list of MDM, PIM and DAM solutions.


6 thoughts on “There is no PIM quadrant, but there is a PIM wave

  1. PIM guy 19th June 2018 / 05:52

    I am quiet surprised with this report…Now I am seeing more of a syndicators or content providers becoming more of a PIM player..I wonder what are criteria for such a drastic change

  2. Gino Fortunato 19th June 2018 / 15:13

    Amazing to see the established vendors (INFA/IBM/SAP/ORCL(?)) continue to do so poorly in these evaluations. Very clear that they are not adapting well to the new technology that enables so much more in master data.

    • Henrik Liliendahl 19th June 2018 / 19:57

      Indeed Gino, that is noteworthy

    • Robert 25th July 2018 / 11:19

      Or they are not willing to pay up for being in the “independent” report. INFA hasn’t participated this year in the wave, were ContentServ spend their year marketing budget on it. Doesn’t mean that one is better than the other. It is still horses for courses

      • Henrik Liliendahl 26th July 2018 / 07:01

        The rankings done by analysts is for sure not always helpful. It always takes an individual analysis in each case where factors as industry, geography, company size, number of entities, current IT landscape, current pain points and more should be considered.

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