Three Ways of Embracing Digital Ecosystem Platforms

Gartner, the analyst firm, has recently promoted their take on the five kinds of digital platforms you will need to consider in your digital transformation journey.

Gartner Digital Platforms 2The top right kind of platform is the ecosystem one. This kind of platform will facilitate how you interact with business partners.

I my eyes, there are three kind of ways you can do that:

  1. You provide and own an ecosystem digital platform for your business partners
  2. You participate in an ecosystem digital platform provided and owned by one of your business partners
  3. You participate in a neutral provided and owned ecosystem digital platform for a given purpose

Currently I am working with Product Data Lake, which is the third kind of platform. In this ecosystem digital platform you can exchange product information with your trading partners. There are alternatives of the other kinds as discussed in the post PIM Supplier Portals: Are They Good or Bad?

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