Aloha Facebook, Where am I Today?

Facebook is set to fight fake news by using artificial intelligence. A good way to practice may be by playing a bit more around with their geolocation intelligence.

Today I, as far as I know, are on the Canary Islands. This is a part of Spain, though a little bit away from the motherland down the Atlantic Ocean off the North African coast. A main town on the islands is called Las Palmas.

However, according to Facebook I seem to be in a place called Las Palmas Subdivision on Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean on the other side of the globe with Hawaii being a bit away from where it were last time I looked on a map.

Facebook Geolocation Hickup


2 thoughts on “Aloha Facebook, Where am I Today?

  1. GINO FORTUNATO 1st April 2017 / 17:43

    Hmmmm…. Looks like a geolocation problem. That picture looks like you might be in Guam. Because Hawaii is pictured far to the right of you in that photo!

  2. ayşegül yüksel 1st April 2017 / 23:15

    I am stil Laughing this post Henrik ahahhaha!! Where I am?, Who I am?, what is this place?
    Main questions of philosophy. At least internet going to be a biiig huuuuge mix information SOUP. Any logic, any order, classification not overe there.“Truth is stranger than fiction.”I love this expression

    Espacially ı am laughing this paradox : Year 2017! lots of satellites! lots of space Works! billion dolar investment ecosystem!

    but results zero ahahha what a big funny tragedy..

    My dream internet quality far from this point.

    Never mind good wekends.:)

    Loves Henrik

    Ayşegül Yüksel pi

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