Gartner MDM Magic Quadrant in Overtime

The Gartner Master Data Management Solutions Magic Quadrant 2016 did not go live in 2016. Estimated release date was 19th November 2016, but still there is no sign of the quadrant either on the Gartner site or at vendor bragging on social media.

We can only guess about why the quadrant is delayed, but a possible explanation is that vendor feedback on the suggested positioning has been harsh. I am not among the ones who believes Gartner actually takes money from vendors for inclusion and positioning in the quadrant. Still, Gartner has a substantial business relationship with those vendors. If a vendor feels they are really wrongly misplaced, they may question the judgement in the other payable services from Gartner.

While waiting, there is still time to have your guess on who has persuaded Gartner to be where in the quadrant as already many have done in the post The Gartner Magic Quadrant for MDM 2016.

And yes, the prize for best guess is still a genuine Product Data Lake t-shirt.


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