Is big data all about analytics?

My answer to the question in the title of this blog post is NO. In my eyes big data is not just data warehouse 3.0. It is also data quality 3.0.

The concept of the data lake is growing in popularity in the big data world and so are the counts of warnings about your data lake becoming a data swamp, a data marsh or a data cesspool. Doing analytic work on a nice data lake sounds great. Doing it in a huge swamp, a large marsh or a giant cesspool does not sound so nice.

Figure 1In nature a lake stays fresh by having good upstream supply of water and a downstream system as well. In kind of the same way your data lake should not be a closed system or a dump within your organization.

Sharing data with the outside must be a part of your big data approach. This goes for including traditional flavours of big data as social data and sensor data as well what we may call big reference data being pools of global data and bilateral data as explained on this blog on the page called Data Quality 3.0.

The BrightTalk community on Big Data and Data Management has a formidable collection of webinars and videos on big data and data management topics. I am looking forward to contribute there on the 25th June 2015 with a webinar about Big Reference Data.

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