The Scary Data Lake

The concept of the data lake seems to have a revival these days. Perhaps it reemerged about a year ago as told in the post Do You Like the Lake?

The idea of having a data lake scares the hell out of data quality people as seen in the title used by Garry Allemann in the post Data Lake vs Data Cesspool.

The data lake is mostly promoted as a data source for analytics opposite to something being part of daily operations. That is horrifying enough. Imagine Joe last month using 80 % of his time fixing data quality issues when doing one batch of analytics. And this month Sue spend 80 % of her time fixing data quality issues in the same data lake in her analytic quest and 50 % of Sue’s data quality issues are in fact the same as Joe’s challenges from last month.

As Halloween is just around the corner, it is time to ask: What is your data lake horror story?


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