The Data Quality Market Just Passed 1 Billion USD

The Data Quality Landscape – Q1 2015 from Information Difference is out. A bit ironically, the report states that the data quality market for the calendar year 2014 was worth a fraction over $1 billion. As the $ sign  could mean a lot of different currencies like CAD, AUD or FJD this statement is very ambiguous, but I guess Andy Hayler means USD.

dollarWhile there still is a market for standalone data quality tools an increasing part of data quality tooling is actually made with tools being a Master Data Management (MDM) tool, a Data Governance tool, an Extract Load and Transform (ETL) tool, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool or an other kind of tool or software suite.

This topic was recently touched on this blog in the post called Informatica without Data Quality? Herein the reasons behind why the new owners of Informatica did not mention data quality as a future goodie in the Informatica toolbox was examined.

In a follow up mail an Informatica officer explained: “As you know Data Quality has become an integral part of multidomain MDM and of the MDM fueled Product Catalog App. We still serve pure DQ (Data Quality) use cases, but we see a lot growth in DQ as part of MDM initiatives”.

You can read the full DQ Landscape 2015 here.

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