Informatica without Data Quality?

This week it was announced that Informatica, a large data management tool provider, will be taken over by a London based private equity firm and a Canadian pension invest management organization.

shark_eatThe first analyst reactions and line up of the potential benefits and the potential drawbacks can be found here on searchCIO in an article called Informatica going private could be a good thing for CIOs.

Most quotes in this article are from Ted Friedman, the Gartner analyst who writes the data quality tool magic quadrant, and Friedman notes, that the new owners doesn’t mention data quality as one of the goodies in the Informatica toolbox (opposite to data security, an area Informatica is not well known for).

So, maybe the new owners just don’t know yet what they bought, or they have a clear vision for the data management market where data quality is just being a natural part of cloud integration, master data management, data integration for next-generation analytics, and data security. The alternative routes could be decommissioning or split of, both familiar routes for this kind of take over.

Splitting of the data quality components should not be too hard, as some of these components has come to Informatica as acquisitions of Similarity Systems from Ireland and Identity Systems, which once was SSA with roots in Australia. I was actually a bit surprised when watching an Informatica presentation in London last autumn that the data quality part was the good old SSA Name3 service.

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4 thoughts on “Informatica without Data Quality?

  1. Julien Peltier (@JulienPeltierBD) 13th April 2015 / 12:55

    Hi Henrik,

    Since v10, Informatica Data Quality and the MDM Hub start to converge in a real single platform. So I’m not afraid that Data Quality tools can disappear easly.

    But, it is more complex to know if all product lines will be preserved in the future. I explain : The target model seems to be focused on cloud architecture and subscription revenues. Putting its master data on cloud platform is still quite hard to managed, mainly for political and security reasons.

    Wait and see …

  2. Richard Branch 13th April 2015 / 13:03

    Hosting MDM in the cloud should be/and is easy. Our MDM is available as an identical release both on premise and in the cloud. As you say it is a matter of preference on the part of the customer where they want their master data hosted, it should not be dictated by the software. I mention this not to decry Infa’s products but to point out that it’s not hard given the right platform. Check out Semarchy if you are interested.

  3. Julien Peltier (@JulienPeltierBD) 13th April 2015 / 14:19

    I agree with you, it’s not a matter of technology capabilities, just a matter of will.
    For example, The question of geographical location of data is very important for many reasons (fear of Patriot Act for data stored in United States, new obligations for customer data in Russia, data privacy and/or hacking…).
    I think that it’s more careful for a software vendor to promote both On-Premise and Cloud architectures and not focus strategy only on cloud …

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